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§  Ella McQueen Closure 
Education, Labor and Family Assistance (A.9506/S.7506)—Part H
This proposal would allow for the closure of the Ella McQueen Reception Center for Boys and Girls provided that 30 days’ notice is provided.
Currently, state law required 12 months’ notice for such closure.  Closing this facility before seeing what impact the new Raise the Age law has on the system is premature.
Ø  PEF Request:              Reject A.9506/S.7506 Part H
Ø  Assembly Action:         Rejected A.9506 Part H
Ø  Senate Action:             Rejected S. 7506 Part H
Time is of the essence for the Ella McQueen facility in Brooklyn, see link below.

Keep Ella McQueen Reception Center Open


Proposed fast-track closure of the Ella McQueen Reception Center for Boys and Girls in Brooklyn with only 30 days notice instead of the 12 months required by current law.


Allowing closure of this OCFS facility with a scant 30 day notice thwarts the law and does a disservice to the young clients, the community and the dedicated PEF staff working there. The closure of any state facility merits the careful consideration required by the law.

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