Hotel Trades Council, AFL-CIO (HTC) boycott

UPDATE:  Thank you to all who supported!

On Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 3:47 PM, Mario Cilento <> wrote:
Thank you!
With your help and the dedication of the Hotel Trades Council members and their leaders, union workers at the Hilton Albany have secured a fair contract safeguarding important benefits for members and their families.
We can all be extremely proud of the dedicated HTC members who maintained a presence on the picket line outside the Hilton Albany for four months, never once wavering during this labor dispute. We applaud Peter Ward for his leadership as the Hotel Trades Council President.
This fight showed great solidarity and I want to thank all of our union members and their affiliates who supported their sisters and brothers by joining them on the picket line and I thank all those who did the right thing and boycotted the hotel during this fight. Their support helped to send a powerful message that when working people stand together their collective voice will always be heard.
I encourage everyone to continue showing your support to our brothers and sisters of the HTC by resuming business with the Hilton Albany now that the boycott has been lifted.
Mario Cilento
President New York State AFL-CIO


How you can help  Hilton Albany Joint ltrdw

This fight began when the hotel’s new owner announced his intention
to cancel the workers’ retirement plan, and to cut their vacation and bereavement benefits, stubbornly rejecting the union’s proposals to adequately remedy health and safety issues in the building, including a
rodent problem in the kitchen areas. The hotel also refuses to provide what we consider adequate security.
One housekeeper was the victim of an attempted sexual assault on the 5th floor in September. Management
will not even agree to the union’s standard “no discrimination” contract language.
HTC is also fighting to significantly raise wages and improve conditions for the employees in the Hilton Albany,
and the other unionized hotels in the Albany area.




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